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You Will Not Retreat..

..This Band Is Unstoppable

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Who are 65daysofstatic?
65daysofstatic are the soundtrack to the end of the world. The new soundtrack.
65daysofstatic are the soundtrack to the new dimension, where rock, dance and electronica are equals.

What's their game?
To describe what 65daysofstatic do is not an easy task. Indeed, most who have tried can merely hint at the depths these guys reach with their wide-open sounds, melding seamless guitar shapes with ferocious drum ‘n bass styled beats, live drums and c-c-c-computer g-g-g-g-glitch.

Where are they from?
They hail from Sheffield down in the middle of England (or up from wherever you may be).

What have they released?
They've released 1 EP, 2 singles and an album. The album is called 'The Fall of Math' and will inspire you to do silly things like start livejournal communities and lose afternoons.

Where can i hear these guys?
Well, as i said, the album is the best place to start. You can pick this up from your local record store or even online at Amazon, Play.com etc. So you have no excuse not to hear this record. They also tour a lot so keep checking the community and the http://www.65daysofstatic.com for the latest tour dates and news.
If you don't want to shell out to hear this band well then there's also a couple of mp3's at the bottom there for your listening pleasure, so get to it.

Why does this community exist?
It's the start of 65daysofstatic all over your 'net. Fan communities can be part of the enjoyment of a band so this is merely a place for livejournal users to discuss the band and live shows and latest releases. Love it.

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